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Brief Introduction:

We are a network of Trend Traders from various backgrounds and professions. The network is founded to:

  1. nurture Ultimate Winners in Forex Trading
  2. share winners’ trading wisdom, positive life morals, and create positive influences among network members.


To help Forex traders move to the 5% winners group through proper forex education and mentoring.

Why Forex Trading?alt

The majority have the misconception that Forex Trading is an extremely high risk investment.  The truth is exactly the OPPOSITE!  In fact, Forex is one of the safest, most rewarding investments to ACCUMULATE WEALTH, if you know how to do it properly.

Advantages of Forex Trading:

  • You may Long (Buy) the currency pair when bullish, and Short (Sell) it when bearish, which means you can profit in both up and down markets.
  • High leverage: With proper money management, you can make profits with minimum capital. (Leverage is a double-edged sword and the misuse of leverage can be disastrous.)
  • High liquidity: Daily turnover of USD4 trillion.

Fact:  In Forex trading, only 5% are WINNERS.

We are TREND TRADERS. Most of the top Hedge fund managers in the world are trend traders, they belong to the 5% winners group. Trend traders do not do day-trading or scalping, and never believe in Forex robots; if Forex robots really work, then nobody will have to work.

The differences between Trend Traders and Day Traders/Scalpers are:



  • Make long term CONSISTENT PROFITS regardless of market conditions.
  • Trade with well tested, consistent robust system with total peace of mind.
  • Do not follow market closely. The Speedwealthbiz System requires trading only 10 minutes a day.
  • Trade for profits.
  • Make SMALL PROFITS many times and lose it all in few times.
  • Trade with emotions.

  • Follow markets closely, stressful, no life at all.

  • Trade for excitements.

We train Winners, not Traders!

No workshop in the world can turn you into a Forex Winner! The fact is, it is IMPOSSIBLE to turn someone into a Forex Winner in 2 days or even 2 months. Most Forex trading courses are merely teaching you to be a trader, in which 95% of the content is devoted to techniques (i.e. systems, strategies and indicators). We believe that Forex success is 95% trading mentality and 5% techniques. And the sad truth is, most traders are trapped in the 95% losers group.

altThere is no denying that knowledge and techniques are important, but these alone, cannot turn you into a Forex winner. Many of the 95% losers are very smart and knowledgeable traders, skilled in using a variety of indicators and follow all the latest financial news but yet, they are losing money.

All great athletes in the world have personal coaches, hand-holding them to go through the treacherous journey. It is the same in Forex trading – you need a real Mentor to hand-hold you going through the rough journey of trading.

We offer a one-year mentoring program, hand-holding you as you go through the treacherous journey in the Forex market, to help you move to the 5% winners group. This forex trading courses is suitable for beginners and seasoned traders alike.

In our Mentoring Program, you will be personally mentored by someone with more than 20 years of real-life trading experience and who was the ex-Vice President of the world's 2nd largest broker firm.

In the Program, we will reveal to you the TRUTH:

  • how the Forex market is set up to make traders lose money and how you can avoid those traps.
  • how to trade a portfolio of 20 pairs of currencies, using only 10 minutes a day, without following the market or reading news.
  • exactly how one can make a 6-figure income in Forex Trading. (No, it is not by using some super-duper 100% accuracy mega-turbo Robot program!)

We don't teach theory; we teach you real trading skills that you can apply immediately. All our participants will start trading 20 pairs of currency by themselves on the very first day of the Program.

This Mentoring Program is suitable for:

  • Beginner traders.
  • Seasoned traders and Professional Fund Managers.
  • Any trader who wants "peace of mind" in trading.

altForex success is a journey filled with ups and downs, pitfalls and traps. A good GPS unit (i.e. techniques, systems and indicators) can only show you the direction to your destination, but it will not be able to warn you of the pitfalls and traps and landslides along the way. And it will not be able to help you overcome those obstacles.

The value of this Mentoring Program is that we will hand-hold and guide you along this journey, so that you can avoid the pitfalls, minimize your costs and shorten your time to success.

Ultimately, all our members seek this one thing:

"To enjoy long-term consistent profit with total peace of mind."

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