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Vivian Yue

I am grateful that I have made one of my wisest decisions in my life, by joining Wise FX group. I started as a share and real estate investor in 2003, and I involved in Options and Forex Day Trading since 2008. My trading journey was not smooth. Having invested more than RM30,000, attended different workshops, followed different Gurus, seek out different systems, yet I still remained as a loser. The more workshops I attended, the more money I lost. I attended Michael’s workshop in Sept 2009. He changed my life. He trained me to be a true Forex Winner. I am now a full time trader and Money Manager, managing Millions of Dollars fund. I enjoy consistent and awesome income from my trading and fund management, living a relaxing, comfortable and happy life. I can now spend more valuable time with my family members, I am free to do what I enjoy doing. Dear Mentor, thank you for your dedication, commitment and passion in hand holding us to be a true Forex Winner.  
Thursday, 31 January 2013

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