In reality, more workshops churn out more losers!

Hundreds of investment workshops are being conducted worldwide daily and attended by traders in hope of learning how to make money or in search of forex holy grails, but
99% ended up in vain!


Why did 99% of Forex Workshops fail in developing Winners?

Because money is a very emotional subject, and all trading/investments involve money. That's why trading/investment is known as an emotional game, a mental or psychological game. The key to trading/investment success depends largely upon how well a trader handles and manages his own emotions, not what he knows.

Think about it, how can a trader learn to address and manage his own emotions & subdue his natural human instincts, by just going through a few hours, 1-day, 2-day or 7-day academic, educational, informative or technical workshop? No way! Right?

So for the trader to become a real investment winner, the only real solution is by going through a mentoring program (be it any good mentoring program out there) for at least one to three years or more, riding through the real journey, developing the right mindset, building the positive trading habits and behaviors, and nurturing the winner's attributes along the way.




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